vue toggle boolean on click

To toggle a boolean value in Vue.js when a specific element is clicked, you can follow these steps:

  1. In your Vue component, declare a boolean data property that represents the state you want to toggle. For example, let's call it isActive: javascript data() { return { isActive: false }; },

  2. In your template, bind the isActive property to the element that should trigger the toggle. You can use a directive like v-on:click or its shorthand @click to listen for the click event: html <button @click="isActive = !isActive">Toggle</button>

  3. Finally, you can use the isActive property to conditionally render or apply styles to other elements in your template. Here's an example of using it in a div: ```html



In this example, the CSS class active will be applied to the div when isActive is true.

That's it! When the button is clicked, the isActive property will be toggled between true and false, and the div will update its appearance based on the new value of isActive.

Make sure to replace the names (isActive, Toggle, Content, etc.) with your actual variable and element names.