Vuex get data in mounted

In Vue.js, the Vuex library allows us to store and manage the application's state in a centralized manner. To fetch data in the mounted lifecycle hook using Vuex, we can follow these steps:

  1. Import the necessary modules: In the component where we want to fetch the data, we need to import the required modules from Vuex. This includes the mapState helper function, which allows us to access the state properties.

  2. Define a computed property: Inside the component, define a computed property that maps the necessary state properties using the mapState helper function. This allows us to access the data in our template or component methods.

  3. Call an action: Create an action in the Vuex store that performs the asynchronous task of fetching the data. This action should make an API call or perform any necessary logic to retrieve the data. Once the data is fetched, the action should commit a mutation to update the state with the fetched data.

  4. Dispatch the action: In the mounted lifecycle hook of the component, dispatch the action defined in the previous step using the this.$store.dispatch method. This will trigger the action and fetch the data.

  5. Access the data: Now that the data is fetched and stored in the state, we can access it through the computed property defined earlier. This computed property will automatically update whenever the state changes.

By following these steps, we can fetch data in the mounted lifecycle hook using Vuex in a Vue.js application.