vuex store watch

First, you'll need to import the mapState helper from Vuex in your component file.

import { mapState } from 'vuex';

Next, in the computed property of your Vue component, use the mapState helper to map specific state properties from your Vuex store.

computed: {
    // Here, 'propertyName' refers to the property in your component, and 'stateName' refers to the property in your Vuex store
    propertyName: 'stateName',
    // You can map multiple state properties in the same way
    anotherProperty: 'anotherStateName',

Now, you can access these mapped properties directly within your component's template.

    <p>{{ propertyName }}</p>
    <p>{{ anotherProperty }}</p>
    <!-- Use the mapped state properties in your component -->

Whenever the state properties 'stateName' or 'anotherStateName' change in the Vuex store, the corresponding propertyName and anotherProperty in your component will automatically update due to the reactivity provided by Vuex's mapState helper.