how to use plugin shortcode in wordpress template

To use a plugin shortcode in a WordPress template, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the shortcode: Determine the shortcode provided by the plugin you want to use. It is usually a text enclosed in square brackets, like [shortcode].

  2. Locate the template file: Identify the template file where you want to use the shortcode. Common template files include single.php, page.php, header.php, or footer.php. These files are typically found in your theme's folder.

  3. Open the template file: Open the desired template file using a code editor or the WordPress theme editor.

  4. Insert the shortcode: Find the appropriate place in the template file where you want to display the shortcode output. It could be within HTML tags or PHP code. Insert the shortcode in that location using the following format: <?php echo do_shortcode('[shortcode]'); ?>.

  5. Save the changes: Once you have inserted the shortcode, save the template file.

  6. Test the shortcode: Visit the page or post where the template is being used and check if the shortcode is working correctly. The plugin's functionality should be displayed or executed as intended.

Remember to adapt the shortcode and template file names to match the specific plugin and template you are working with.