WP Migrate DB

  1. Install the WP Migrate DB plugin on your WordPress site by navigating to the "Plugins" section and clicking "Add New." Then, search for "WP Migrate DB" and click "Install Now."

  2. Once the plugin is installed, activate it by clicking "Activate" in the plugins list.

  3. After activation, go to the "Tools" section in the WordPress admin dashboard and click on "Migrate DB."

  4. Select the options you need for your migration, such as the tables to migrate, file URL replacement, and other advanced options.

  5. Enter the destination URL and migration settings.

  6. Click "Migrate DB" to start the migration process.

  7. Once the migration is complete, download the migrated database and import it to your desired location or website.

  8. Test your migrated website to ensure everything is functioning as expected.