print url in view yii2

To print the URL in a view file in Yii2, you can use the Url::to() method provided by the framework. This method generates a URL based on the specified route and parameters.

Here's an example of how you can use Url::to() to print the URL in a view file:

use yii\helpers\Url;

// Assuming you have a controller action called 'index' in the 'site' controller
$url = Url::to(['site/index']);

// Print the URL
echo $url;

In the above example, we first import the Url class using the use statement. Then, we use the Url::to() method to generate the URL for the site/index action. Finally, we echo the URL to print it in the view.

You can replace ['site/index'] with the appropriate controller and action route based on your application's structure.

Note that you need to have the UrlManager component properly configured in your Yii2 application for the Url::to() method to work correctly.