yii2 has many where

In Yii2, the where() method is used to add conditions to a query. It allows you to filter the query results based on specific criteria.

The where() method can be called in several ways:

  1. Array Format: You can pass an array of conditions to the where() method. Each array element represents a condition. For example:
$query = ModelName::find()->where(['condition1' => value1, 'condition2' => value2]);
  1. Operator Format: You can use operators such as '=', '>', '<', etc., in the conditions. For example:
$query = ModelName::find()->where(['>', 'column_name', value]);
  1. String Format: You can specify conditions as a string. This allows you to write complex conditions using SQL syntax. For example:
$query = ModelName::find()->where('condition1 AND condition2');
  1. Binding Parameters: You can use named placeholders and bind parameters to the conditions. This helps prevent SQL injection attacks and makes the code more secure. For example:
$query = ModelName::find()->where('column_name = :value')->params([':value' => $value]);

Additionally, you can chain multiple where() calls to add multiple conditions to a query. Yii2 combines these conditions using the logical "AND" operator by default. However, you can use the orWhere() method to combine conditions using the "OR" operator.

I hope this explanation helps you understand how to use the where() method in Yii2!