Zend Framework 2 in a ZF1 project

Zend Framework 1 (ZF1) and Zend Framework 2 (ZF2) are two different versions of the Zend Framework, a PHP framework for building web applications. If you have a ZF1 project and want to integrate some features or components from ZF2 into it, you can follow a few steps to achieve that.

Step 1: Install ZF2

First, you need to download and install ZF2. You can either use Composer or manually download the framework. Composer is a package manager for PHP that simplifies the installation process by managing dependencies. You can install ZF2 using Composer by adding the following line to your ZF1 project's composer.json file:

"require": {
    "zendframework/zendframework": "2.*"

After saving the composer.json file, run the following command in your project's root directory to install ZF2:

composer update

Step 2: Autoloading

To use ZF2 in your ZF1 project, you need to configure the autoloading mechanism to load ZF2 classes. In your ZF1 project's Bootstrap.php file, add the following code:

protected function _initAutoloader()
    require_once 'path/to/zf2/library/Zend/Loader/StandardAutoloader.php';

    $loader = new Zend\Loader\StandardAutoloader(array(
        'autoregister_zf' => true,
        'namespaces' => array(
            'Zend' => 'path/to/zf2/library/Zend',


Replace 'path/to/zf2/library' with the actual path to your ZF2 library directory.

Step 3: Integration

Now that ZF2 is installed and the autoloader is configured, you can start using ZF2 components in your ZF1 project. You can use ZF2 components directly in your ZF1 code by instantiating the ZF2 classes and calling their methods.

For example, if you want to use the ZF2 Zend\Stdlib\ArrayUtils class in your ZF1 project, you can do the following:

// ZF1 code
require_once 'path/to/zf1/library/Zend/Loader/Autoloader.php';

// ZF2 code
$zf2ArrayUtils = new Zend\Stdlib\ArrayUtils();
$zf2Array = array('foo', 'bar');
$zf2Array = $zf2ArrayUtils->merge($zf2Array, array('baz'));

Replace 'path/to/zf1/library' with the actual path to your ZF1 library directory.


By following these steps, you can integrate Zend Framework 2 components into your Zend Framework 1 project. This allows you to leverage the features and enhancements provided by ZF2 while still maintaining your existing ZF1 codebase.